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1 A Special Welcome, Just For You! on Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:54 am

Golden Girl

Golden Girl

We are a community here. Our purpose is to assist you with your issues and goals that you want to achieve, if we can. But beyond that we want you to become one of us! Whether it's to get more problems resolved in the future, to chat in our 'Lounge' section about life in general, or to pass on the knowledge you have yourself and assist others with it. Makes no difference to us. We're simply friendly people! Don't sell yourself short, please. There's one constant factor involved in the computing world. The 'expert' is only the person who has read one more page of the manual than you have. Everybody has something to contribute.

We Suggest for everyone to please introduce yourselves and tell us a little about you on our introductions thread.
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We ask a few things of you:

* Please do your best to find the appropriate section to post your thread in. We cover a lot of subject matter, so your efforts will help us to keep things in order. But if you don't quite get it right, don't panic. We're happy to help you out by moving misplaced thread.

* Please start a new thread for your personal concerns, rather than adding a further question to an existing thread. Even though the problems may seem similar, they often stem from different causes, and having two or more different questions being answered in the one thread can become confusing for those reading.

* Please don't ask for people to email or message answers to you. The forum is here for those who are reading as well as for those who are asking, so all assistance and discussion should be on display in the topic thread for others to see.

* If, when reading a discussion, you get the impression that it is missing the point and that there is something else which needs to be considered, please feel free to say so. We only ask that if you are making a suggestion on a 'hunch' rather than from definite knowledge, you say so!

* If when reading, posting, or answering a topic, a humorous thought strikes you, don't feel frightened to include it. As said, we're a community. We'd like to share the humour as well, rather than spend all our time being pompous and formal!

You'll find further helpful information and on the FAQs page at the top of the screen. But most of all, STAY! We want you to.

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